COVID solution offering:
Secure Telehealth module on Blockchain utilizing AI smart workflows.

How can your solution help during this Pandemic?

  • Socially distanced care thus increasing patient engagement
  • Decentralized Care -ease of consultation between multiple physicians and patients in real time plus data capture
  • Pre-diagnosis assessment

  • Integration

    Integrated or standalone market solution

    Time To "Live"
    1-2 weeks depending on size and scope

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    Company’s FDA cleared remote monitoring system keeps clinical teams informed on patient vital signs, in near real-time, without going to the bedside. Stasis can be implemented in any makeshift COVID-19 patient care environment in one day, without any infrastructure needed except a power outlet.

    Covid Solution Offering
    Stasis is an FDA-cleared, remote monitoring system for any care setting. Stasis Hardware gathers vital signs at the bedside. Stasis Software converts any computer, TV, tablet, or smartphone into a central monitoring dashboard.

    How Can Your Solution Help During This Pandemic?
    Add remote monitoring to any setting. Hospitals, tents, hotels, dorm rooms. Anywhere. Only requires power. Setup in a few hours to reduce the patients requiring ICU resources, saves hundreds of staff hours per day, and limit clinician exposure to COVID. 2 minute video explainer

    Product built, FDA cleared, monitored over 25,000 patients to date


    Does not require EMR integration

    Time To "Live"

    1 day

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    In response to the surge of patients with COVID-19 in Seattle, WA, and the associated workflow and health IT challenges that have resulted, TransformativeMed has rapidly developed a comprehensive and fully-embedded Cerner Millennium software solution with applications for the acute care, ambulatory and emergency department settings and has successfully deployed the solution to many of its existing clients across the country.

    We will now be making our COVID-19 Screening & Tracking Tool available FREE to all Cerner Millennium clients beginning with the inpatient module available on April 1, 2020.

    What challenges does the solution help to address?

    1. How and where in the EHR to record an individual patient’s COVID-19 status?
    2. How to track all of the suspected and active COVID-19 patients across your health system and filter based on status?
    3. How to gather pertinent risks, comorbidities, lab and radiology findings related to COVID-19 illness for internal analytics and communication to local and state agencies?
    4. How to manage the above if the patients leave a clinical setting?
    5. How to track follow-up attempts to inform them of test results?

    How can your organization download and install this tool at no cost?

    • The solution is built using MPages and will therefore easily embed in your organization’s instance of Cerner
    • TransformativeMed has the following materials on its website:
      • Downloadable Limited license agreement
      • Link to download the necessary files for installation
      • Link to an implementation guide & supporting documentation

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    Therapists need to continue to market their businesses (perhaps more than ever), and patients need support and intervention strategies to cope with the current chaos.  Company is in touch with insurance payers to get billing related answers for its therapists. In the meantime, company will be billing on behalf of Advekit patients, expecting that payers recognize and cover these sessions.
    More than ever, we need access to our personal health records without having to physically visit our past providers.
    AI powered medical notes (accomplished by “listening in” to the natural conversation between physician and patient), reducing the need for another person (medical scribe) to be in the room during the doctor-patient encounter.
    Company uses AI to extract results from medical papers, turning the literature into actionable data. Its AI has extracted more than 70M results, including new COVID-19 results and relevant data for exploring label expansion of existing drugs to fight it. Company is processing the “open source” COVID-19 literature ('CORD-19') and will freely release these results for the research community.
    With its proprietary “smart” knee brace, provides accurate recovery data without a clinic visit (reducing clinician to patient contact).
    Offering the general public a free on-going series of education on COVID-19 directly from Mayo Clinic Experts: Company is also working with hospitals, residency programs, and medical schools to provide low cost institutional licenses to its education platform, at a time when medical students are being removed from clinical rotations. Lastly, GIBLIB is working with a network of hospitals to provide nearly 18k physicians access to its “Netflix of Medical Education” platform to counter the conference/course cancellations and physician travel bans.
    Working on brand-new algorithms that will help hospitals understand the risk that a patient may have COVID-19 and what the potential severity may be. This will ensure that no patient that needs screening slips through the cracks, and also helps hospitals make decisions on which patients should go to isolation or the ICU, etc. Company has developed a super easy/quick process that allows it to integrate with new Epic sites.
    Computer vision for gastroenterology, improving results with less human point of contact, resulting in less infectious disease spread.
    Develops a health wearable specifically for children ages 3-10, at a time when moms, dads and providers (and governments) want and need this data.
    As its lab partners around the U.S. are rolling out and ramping up COVID-19 testing, especially in some of the most heavily impacted regions, company is actively working with them to provide their patients with real-time access to, and understandable digital information around these critical test results.
    Brings on-demand physical therapy to patients’ homes. In this trying time, it is far safer to have 1:1 safe and personalized care at home, rather than going to a busy clinic. Luna is covered by insurance, and even provides self-guided exercises that patients can do in between visits – all therapist prescribed and monitored.
    We are still having babies (a lot of them!), and Materna is developing technology to make it easier and faster for moms to deliver, and thereby reducing the stress on the U.S. healthcare system.
    Sponsors temporarily discounted access to platform, allowing clients to support, inform, and reassure clinical trial participants. Using branded apps, researchers can create a COVID-19 registry, issue updates regarding the outbreak to existing trial participants, and provide helpful trial/site information.
    Company’s mission is to improve the patient financial experience through better engagement. It is now more important than ever to deliver consistent, personalized communication during these trying times where the healthcare system will struggle to recover the patient financial responsibility.
    Creating the first distributed network of scientific equipment for pandemic monitoring…think Airbnb for research equipment and services. The fundamental challenge we face in science is not the technology we can build, but the infrastructure on which they are built. Meenta is creating the digital infrastructure for large scientific equipment and revolutionizing how biotech and pharma access these services in just a few clicks.
    At the forefront of translating electronic medical record data and delivering information to patients and their loved ones. In a future world, family members may be less able to physically visit their loved ones in the hospital, and Nicolette is responding by enabling medical information (translated into patient/family-friendly content) to be shared without in-person consultations with clinicians. The company’s first use case is parents of pre-maturely born babies living their first few months in the NICU.
    As science research organizations scramble to implement policies to minimize exposure and yet keep research staff remote, it doesn't mean that progress or science needs to stop. ROSALIND Collaboration Spaces can be instrumental to distributing research data and to empowering  scientists to continue discoveries even while they are working remotely.
    Provides telehealth services for physician practices overwhelmed with COVID-19 concerns.  Can monitor and triage patients from home, relieving stress and exposure concern for the office and staff.  Can also take over responsibility for non-COVID-19 conditions, allowing doctors to handle those with symptoms more effectively.  Finally, provide reassurance and triage for patients with anxiety who may not have the symptoms indicating COVID 19; while coordinating care services and triage for those with positive cases to allow them to recover in-home, unless it is essential they are hospitalized.
    Reducing a baby’s risk of developing egg, nut and mile allergies through its pediatrician-recommended daily system, which in turn reduces the burden on the U.S. healthcare system as the child ages.
    COVID-19 is going to hit seniors that hardest. And dementia isn’t going anywhere. The company’s assessment platform requires less in-person contact between patient and clinician, ensuring that those experiencing cognitive decline continue to get important tests. In particular, by focusing on Medicare Advantage plans, Savonix can save the day for these organizations.
    COVID-19 is mutating as it spreads and different strains will likely require different treatments. Current PCR-based diagnostic kits cannot detect the mutations. Seqonce is partnering with companies developing COVID-19 DNA sequencing kits, as its proprietary technology cuts hours off testing, is more automatable, and is easier to use than existing kits.
    Company’s FDA cleared remote monitoring system keeps clinical teams informed on patient vital signs, in near real-time, without going to the bedside. Stasis can be implemented in any makeshift COVID-19 patient care environment in one day, without any infrastructure needed except a power outlet.
    Provides telehealth services to one of the most vulnerable parts of the U.S. healthcare system – skilled nursing facilities.
    Mobilizing nurses and deploying these critical human resources where they are needed most across the country.
    UptimeHealth is providing GoCheckit, a compliance tracking tool, to all healthcare facilities for free. The tool will allow all administrators to quickly educate all hospital staff on the new protocols and standards put in place, and ensure everyone is completing those quality control tasks accordingly.
    Producing medical animations for the Dr. Oz Show, while also creating a library animation which we be used by our licensees in their education efforts.  Visual education will bring to life the CDC messaging around COVID-19.
    Especially now, the world needs an AI based platform that captures Real World Evidence to slash drug develop time, saves costs, and most importantly, saves lives.
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