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A note from our President

The Modern Market Accelerator Creation
I created InnovaShare™ with one purpose in mind. Create a virtual, value-based network so those who participate will get what they need, have confidence in what they are getting and know that the collaborators will provide quality products and services at a fair price.

Our members, our team, their work, services offered, and innovations all have value. In traditional markets, quite often that value comes into question and is minimized or completely unrecognized. Many in the industry have expressed this frustration and I, myself have experienced and witnessed this to be true. This inspired me to take the leap. To reach out to others to create a “modern market” space where everyone’s value would be recognized so our members can flourish and gain a competitive advantage.

InnovaShare™ breaks down value segments and injects them into a model to energize healthcare Innovation. Our business model can help overcome barriers to innovation, including the cost of doing business for purchasers of technology and for those who provide those services and solutions, so each entity may thrive with increased revenue sharing and with a recurring revenue stream.

We are dedicated to our customers
Bringing likeminded people together amplifies our ability to make big changes that really improve outcomes and better our current standards of care. We believe with InnovaShare™ we can help healthcare to do better and be better.

We exist for our member purchasers, to easily find the right strategic assets to invest in to bring about big changes for patients, caregivers, providers and staff, and for our member founders, to enhance their phenomenal solutions and shorten the long and tedious sales cycle for their survival.

The faster the procurement process, with automated AI, better-quality products, and less administrivia and noise, the faster the right solution can be deployed, speeding up time to value, boosting increased revenue.

With your brilliant ideas and our brilliant collaborators, we can help you meet your goals efficiently, at a fraction of the cost with our modern market accelerator™. Join us, we need each other to be successful. We are all in this together more now than ever!

Respectfully yours,

President, CEO

InnovaShare™ Core Values

We run our company, with clarity of purpose, and everyday choosing to follow our core values.

Our team is Industrious, working hard and diligent to ensure we have an easy way for purchasers of healthcare technology and solutions to see what is available and connect.

We are Inclusive and supportive, understanding than ingenuity can come from anywhere and from anyone.

We work to Inspire our members and each other to look “outside of the box” to find the right solutions to solve big problems.

We believe in Integrity and transparency, knowing questions should always be asked, and the answers should always be explicitly truthful with honest intent.

Last but not least Introspection is a value often overlooked, the ability to look within can be a positive and rich environment for personal growth and creativity.

InnovaShare Team


Cheryl Isen

As a senior-level marketer (Company VP/CMO/Agency owner) with +25 years of experience, I’ve helped more than 45 companies realize huge wins by making the right moves in positioning, marketing strategy, PR and Corporate Communications. Founded in 2001, Isen and Company includes a handpicked team of marketers and PR professionals. Working as your on-call CMO, we deliver a bottom-line, measurable difference by uncovering a company’s unique value and translating it into innovative marketing and media results.


Colleen Carpenter

Colleen has years of customer service and operations experience in the healthcare and gaming entertainment sector. She identifies and addresses problems and opportunities for the company. Always supports workers communication with management team and promotes a company culture that encourages top performance and high morale.


Faisal A. Shah

Faisal Shah is the principal of Faisal A. Shah, PLLC, a law firm based in Houston, Texas. Mr. Shah handles a variety of corporate and transactional matters that include business entity formation and corporate governance, corporate finance (debt and equity) as well as has considerable experience in the healthcare, software/information technology, hospitality, fuel supply, and retail industries.


Geri Pavia

As a 17-year healthcare client executive, built and designed leading, top-producing partnerships and revenue-generating initiatives. Longtime active member and officeholder in the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). Strengths lie in understanding the healthcare client organization’s business and technical needs at the deepest levels. Bring an extensive network of decider and performer contacts and relationships. Consistently successful communicating closely with both stakeholders and technical performers to develop and implement complex systems that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of patient care.


Midori Kondo

An innovative healthcare executive, and entrepreneur with a background in strategy and growth planning, program and product development for healthcare companies and healthcare delivery organizations. 

A recognized expert in clinical operations and workflow processes, Midori has extensive experience transforming provider organizations using game changing solutions in the delivery of care and assisting product companies in the design and creation of next-generation, data-driven and interactive AI solutions.


Mike Henderson

Mike has years of experience in computer systems and the latest technologies and determining operational practicality with deploying software tools, processes and metrics. Conducts research and implements quality software programs and solutions. He has worked in both the healthcare and government sectors and holds security clearance.


Nancy Beale

Experienced executive and subject matter expert, providing advisory services and guidance for the EHR, integration of clinical technology and clinical transformation services. Experienced in strategy development, health IT audit services, program governance, and systems evaluation. Strong clinical knowledge-base, coupled with project leadership and innovative solutions that incorporate new technologies and evolving change management efforts. Recently recognized as the 2019 HIMSS-ANI Nursing Informatics Leader of the Year. Skilled in IT Strategy, Management, Healthcare Management, Healthcare, and Business Process Improvement. Strong clinical professional with a Master's Degree focused in Health Systems Management and Healthcare Informatics from Loyola University Chicago.


Priti Lankani

My 20+ years of experience as a physician drives me to improve the patient experience. By using data to develop best practices, I propel change. This includes establishing, implementing, and aligning governance, change management, and provider training. My continual goal is better outcomes for physicians, individuals, and communities.


Richard Knight

Richard W. ('Rick') Knight is an accomplished business leader, legal professional, and patent/IP strategist with extensive experience in both private practice and high-tech industries. A member of the State Bar of Texas and a registered patent attorney, Rick is also a service-disabled veteran who has served as long-time legal counsel and board member for the International Foundation for Hope and for the Army Scholarship Foundation.


Sergey Karpuk

More than 11 years Sergey helps companies succeed with their products using the power of design. His main specialization is UI/UX design for mobile and web applications. He works on a full cycle of product design from beginning brainstorming until launching and supporting the final product. During his career Sergey had a chance to work with companies of a different size on a variety of projects from different areas like healthcare, e-commerce, travel, mobility and many others. He is passionate about his work, pays a great attention to details and always does his best to provide the highest level of the final solution.


Tracy Donegan

Tracy Donegan is the Chief Information and Innovation Officer at Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital, a “green-field” hospital that opened in July 2015 to serve a Los Angeles community designated by the Department of Health and Human Services as both a Health Professional Shortage Area and a Medically Underserved Area. Ms. Donegan served a critical role in standing up the hospital’s Health IT organization from a blank slate, helping to design and implement the hospital’s $70 million IT infrastructure and application portfolio. In 2018 achieved Level 7 of the HIMSS Analytics’ Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model. Prior to joining the hospital, Ms. Donegan was the Assistant Vice President of the Cognizant Healthcare Provider Consulting Practice. She also previously served in a leadership role as Vice President of Strategy Management and Alignment at Apria Healthcare. Ms. Donegan earned a Masters of Health Administration degree from Cornell University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from LeMoyne College.


Uma Swamy

Dr. Uma Swamy is a partner at Epic Care – an independent, physician owned and operated multispecialty group of over 70 physicians based in the Bay Area of Northern California. She is a radiation oncologist and the medical director of diagnostic imaging for the group. Uma serves on several Health System based committees, including being the chair for Radiation Safety Committee and also the Chair of Cancer Committee. Prior To Epic-Care, she was a partner at a very busy radiation oncology practice and a recognized leader at Community Medical Centers, where she enjoyed several roles providing strategy, program development expertise, and operational efficiency insights, which included serving as the MD champion for technology. Her passion lies in problem solving, data driven decision making and is always excited to collaborate around healthcare innovation.