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COVID-19 Pandemic: InnovaShare™ connecting Healthcare Organizations with COVID solutions.

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InnovaShare™ Is a strategic, virtual GoToMarket Accelerator™ connecting technology purchasers with likeminded product and service companies. We help automate and accelerate the procurement process by using our proprietary methodology to create a short list of companies that can really deliver on their promises.

What do we see?

Provider organizations and businesses struggle to determine which tech companies warrant meetings. The sheer number of emerging technologies entering in the market is way too much for an organization to sift through. Purchasers have often expressed not having enough resources with the right skill sets and time to assess and find the right solutions for their entity.

Emerging technology companies have solutions to help purchasers but find it almost impossible to get their product/software off the ground and in front of the right people to share and collaborate with purchasers. Accelerators offer expertise to assist founders but often have limited resources to fully support a Start Up Companies GoToMarket™ strategy or long-term viability.

What is our answer?

The InnovaShare™ Team has created a virtual, Modern Market Accelerator™ to nurture relationships between purchasers and suppliers, finding the “best match” solutions while forming successful strategic partnerships through collaboration and alignment criteria.

With our team’s years of experience and deep industry knowledge, we assess all members and products alike. We connect with purchasers of products and services to understand their strategic initiatives and assist them with translating what is needed to provide real value. We evaluate Technology Companies and their offerings to find and categorize quality products and services using a proprietary, platform to automate the system selection process, applying our InnovaShare™ methodology, to identify a “short list of solutions” that gives our customers the best matches for success.

We collaborate with incubators, other accelerators venture capital groups, industry non-profit organizations and subject matter experts (e.g., legal and marketing services, and sales organizations) to create a network of resources for the success of our members. The only requirement is to subscribe to the core values we expect both internally and externally to provide a safe and equitable marketplace for our members to flourish.


Strategic Consulting

Having a strategy and growth plan is critical for any company’s viability. We help by utilizing our combined deep industry knowledge and expertise to give our customers unbiased path for success.

Product Evaluation

We evaluate emerging technologies and solutions and put the product through the toughest due diligence to ensure the product company is ready for primetime and the purchasers know what they are getting.

System Workflow Analysis

We analyze client clinical and operational workflows, layering them against software products or solution to determine usability and change management transparency for smooth implementations.

Matching & Alignment

We use our proprietary recommender system and know-how to assist in the identification and matching of like-minded partners and solutions to best achieve strategic alignment.

COVID 19 News

How We're Helping

We are dedicated to provide a community - wide technology strategy to connect healthcare providers with innovative solutions that will provide some existence of order in chaotic times.  

In addition, we are offering our services, free of charge, to ensure the right solutions are connected to the right providers, supporting all stakeholders, in the coordination and implementation of the technology or solution. We are also conducting research and providing information on the latest technologies and best practice processes recommended by the experts.

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